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About us


About us

For two generations in the handcrafted embroidery business, E.G Ricami offers experience and expertise, quality of products and on-time deliveries, thanks to its trained and highly qualified staff.

The strengths of our company are crochet artifacts: hats, scarves, bags, bodices, borders, potholders, flowers, cockades, swimwear, trimmings and clothing accessories in general.

Our prices perfectly match customers’ production budgets, while maintaining high-quality standards. 

The knowledge and professionalism acquired over our thirty-year-long experience, enriched by numerous collaborations with the biggest names of the international haute couture, shine through each of our artifacts, with attention to the smallest details.


Our mission is to use the art of handcrafted embroidery to create unique and exclusive products that express the inherent beauty of craftsmanship, its authenticity and the attention to details.

We collaborate with our customers in all stages of the manufacture, from prototype design to the final production, turning each garment into a work of art, crafted with passion and expertise.


We are a leading company in the artisan craftmanship sector, thanks to our continuous innovation, the uncompromised pursuit of quality, and our commitment to sustainability. We want to inspire creativity and spread awareness of traditional craftsmanship, contributing to a more ethical and responsible fashion.

Our vision is to become a symbol of excellence in the industry, celebrated for the harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style.